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Our server runs on a player-based economy, which means that most of the high value items, be it horses, weapons or even food, are sold and produced by businesses, run by a player. This does not force you to interact with players, but in every case interaction is rewarded, e.g. by better prices or a consulted purchase. Business owners are able to set their own prices, will have to deal with competitors, suppliers, and so on. 


You will be able to find crafting stations in saloons or at campfires, where you are able to craft most items. Special provisions like salami for example, need a special crafting area, like a drying rack.

The crafting system is skill based, with different categories meaning the more you craft, the more new recipes you will learn. 

Special Features


Your four-legged friend will play a major part in your daily life. You can get a huge variety of horses from a horse trainer. Additional to what you usually see out in the wild, we released over 40 'purebreds' to the county.


Even without being a horse trainer you are able to look for rare specimens and sell them to the stables.


And if you happen to really fancy one that's not gifted with a huge potential, don't worry! Just get some horse shoes which are limited to slower horses. You won't stomp a Missouri Fox Trotter into the ground, but you'll be able to keep up if you know what you're doing.


You can compete against other riders on three racing arenas featuring seven unique tracks which include Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Show Jumping and many more.


After many months your friend is slowly becoming old. You can still saddle up and hit the trail with them, but you might want to leave the actual work to the younger horses. At any time time you can reach out to a horse breeder and make sure their line is continued.


Similar to Red Dead Online, you are able to gather your associates at a camp, steal supplies and collect materials for trader deliveries. While the work itself isn't considered illegal business, it's dirty and dangerous. Fight bandits for their supplies or try to snatch them from other camps.


Similar to horses, you will be able to get your hands on other companions. You can raise them from a pup to full grown cats, dogs, birds, raccoons, squirrels, rats and many more. Dogs can help you track game and gather small prey for you while hunting. Birds and bats, are able to steal or gather items for you after some training.

Realistic environment

You want to live your life as a hermit, taking care of yourself, avoiding the city? That's no problem at all. Wash yourself and drink from rivers and lakes, live from hunting or plants growing in the wild. But be careful not to catch a cold. Cuts or even bullets can cause you to bleed.

If you fall deep, you may not break your neck, but you will break a leg. Be prepared and careful when you are out there alone in the wilderness, animals will not be the only thing that can harm you. Gangs and poachers roam the county, if you happen to run into them you better grab the reins and get outta there or are prepared for a shootout.

Custom buildings

You can own a home and you can own a business. Additionally, you will be able to get those properties fully customized by our mapping team or the interior design ladies, as we like to call them. We'll sit down with you and give the whole thing a complete makeover.

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