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While you are in the character creation you can ignore everything that has to do with make-up and clothing, you need to take care of this when you are in the county. The name you enter will be your character's legal name, so make sure this is what you want to stick with.

After waking up in your town of choice you wanna go find a Make-Up station, they appear as a heart-icon on your papermap. A clothing store should not be far away from there.


Please do not choose more than 11 items when you create your outfits, as it leads to ghosting issues causing people to not see each other which could otherwise be avoided.

Once you are on the server with your created character, make sure your in-game voice chat is set up properly. Head to your Game Settings > Audio > Voice Chat and enable it. If you want to change your Push-to-talk Button you need to do that in the Keybinds.

First Steps

Mail Office

Depending on the town you started in, you can find a Mail Office at the train or telegram station. After you registered your P.O. Box number you can send and receive letters using /mail.


You will be able to find crafting stations in saloons or at campfires. The crafting system is skill based, with different categories meaning the more you craft, the more new recipes you will learn.

Your Gear

When it comes to acquiring your first weapon, you can go to any weapon shop you see on your paper map, in most of them you will find a note reading "beginner gear", this is where you can get a cheap firearm or bow to protect yourself, the more valuable guns are generally only available from a gunsmith. In any case they are going to have the best price for you.


When it comes to horses, you can go to any stable and purchase any horse you want, however, those steeds come with a hefty price, a horse trainer can probably tame something for you that's better and cheaper. There is a large variety of horses you can go find and tame, additional to the horses you usually see out there more than 40 purebreds have been released into the wild.


For most types of stores, for example General Stores, Saloons and Gunstores you will find two kinds of shops at every location, the one that is owned by the person owning the business as well as a local store where you can get the basic items in case the owner does not have them in stock at the moment.

Market Place

Most towns have their own market place. This is where people can remotely order materials, pay as they make their order and all you need to do if you want to fulfill those orders is put the amount of the requested item in that you carry on you, and you immediately get paid for it.

Area of Play

While in general you are free to go play wherever you want, the current hotspot to meet people is West Elizabeth, keep that in mind especially when you are new and need to get your equipment sorted. As well as most criminal activities currently being tied to WE, NA and Lemoyne


In here banks will close at midnight in county time and open at 6 am. Not all banks are connected, those are:


Valentine & Strawberry

Blackwater & Armadillo

Rhodes & Saint Denis & Annesburg

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