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General Notice

On this page you find more clear definitions concerning criminal roleplay,

everything mentioned in the main rules still applies.


Do not initiate hostile roleplay when someone is clearly in a menu. Do not try to get out of animations during criminal activities.


Do not initiate conflict roleplay 30 minutes prior to a server restart. This includes not only direct conflict but also any and all illegal activities.


If you are leaving a scene that would reasonably lead to conflict or criminal roleplay, you must leave an accurate hint as to your characters identity. Hints need to vary across multiple scenes. Examples for possible hints can be found under Identifying People, further down the page.

Acceptable hint: strands of blonde hair
Not an acceptable hint: strands of hair


It is always suggested to record when you are in hostile roleplay, as it helps to clear up situations and prove that you stuck to the rules.

Area of Play

Currently Criminal Roleplay is only to be done in West Elizabeth and New Austin. This includes store and bank robberies, grave digging and other activities that require law response.

Hostile Roleplay against other players is permitted everywhere.


All instances of extreme violence must have consent from all parties involved.


In order to lockpick doors you need to use them like a key, pressing Shift+Alt

Criminal Roleplay

General Information

For clarification: You are not allowed to kidnap someone 30 minutes prior to a server restart and then even later proceed to use this person as a hostage for a robbery, in this case the robbery is it's own scenario and law needs those 30 minutes to respond to it appropriately.


You are not allowed to kill or rob medical professionals while they are actively treating someone.


When you are at war, everyone in your gang/tribe roster can fight side by side, ignoring the posse limit.

War can only be declared when the other party agrees, war terms need to be set by both parties upfront, staff needs to be informed in order to approve the war and its terms.


The one occasion in which war can be forced onto a group, is if said group carries out confirmed repeated attacks on another group, showing particularly aggressive behavior.

Random Deathmatch

Random Deathmatch applies to players as well as to NPCs, you can't just walk up to someone and shoot them without any prior interaction. Meaning if NPC's don't attack you first, there is no reason for you to harm them.

Roleplay before Gunplay

Opening fire should be your last option in most scenarios. Try to convince, threaten, or trick people first instead. Shooting someone ends their interaction with you and it possibly prevents a more in-depth roleplay scenario.

Identifying People

Putting only a mask on does not make one completely unrecognizable. In order to identify someone you should have at least three or more cues to recognize them, voice is not one of those.

Possible cues are:
• Hair, eye or skin color
• height and weight

• clothing

• horse

• the people they are with


Do not start robberies or send out alerts in order to bait law enforcement and doctors. This is considered power-gaming.

Robbing People

When you are robbing someone you can only take the weapons they are visibly wearing on their person, if you rob someone you can not kill them afterward.


Once you look into their bags you are deciding to rob them, you may not kill them without a valid roleplay reason. 
Do not take more than three items, excluding money.

Bank & Store Robberies

• A maximum of 2 members may be outside of the building during a robbery

• Everyone of the maximum 6 people that are robbing the bank or store have to be within the town limits

• Law may ask how many outlaws and hostages are involved, and how many are outside, the outlaws must answer truthfully

• Bystanders must treat those scenarios with respect and obey commands from the involved parties

• Law is not obligated to treat NPC hostages like they'd treat an actual player

• You are not allowed to use robberies as a distraction to split up law, when you start a robbery, follow through with it

Organization / Posse Size

Your gang roster may not exceed 12 people in total.

Any and all conflicts are limited to 6 people per party. This counts for law, outlaws and everything in between. If you are riding with more people, the leader is in charge to tell their people who is getting involved and who is not.

Defending your home is the only occasion where everyone that is available can join in. Defending your home does not include chasing the intruders down. As soon as you leave it, the 6 people rule applies.

Forced actions

In general you can not force people to give anything else than what they carry on them out of their possession, meaning you can't force them to get money out of their bank, give you the deed of their horse or similar, however, if you want to do exactly that for story line reasons etc. feel free to simply ask them outside of roleplay if they want to go with it.

Body Dumping

While you are allowed to drop other players in places where they are unlikely to be found after you knocked them out, you are not to dump them in a place where they can not be accessed at all, like throwing them into the water for example.

Criminal Guide

This guide is a temporary introduction into crim roleplay and will be removed when no longer needed.

Drug selling

There are three different kinds of drugs you are able to sell to locals for a profit. Joints, Cocaine and Mint Moonshine. How do you get hands on those drugs? You need to find the Black Market in order to acquire the needed materials and crafting props.

Once placed the prop is going to be available until the server restarts, after restart it is gonna break. Some stranger missions might give you information on what you need to craft different drugs, if you wanna head in there without the additional information you can do so, but will only know what you need after placing your drug lab or moonshine still.

Currently you are only able to sell drugs in Armadillo, Strawberry and Blackwater. To start selling just enter /drugdealer into the console and wait for customers.

Store Robberies

In order to start a store robbery you need to have your bandana equipped and walk in front of the register, then the prompt to start the robbery will appear. All you need is lockpicks.

Bank Robberies

In order to successfully rob a bank you need to find the bank locker codes. Those codes will be exchanged every few weeks. Some stranger missions will help you find those numbers. Lockpick the vault room door and start entering the codes to start the robbery.

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