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What you need

• Copy of Red Dead Redemption II or Red Dead Online for PC

 Discord Account

• Steam Account
• Headset

How to join our RedM Server

1. Download RedM

Download RedM from the official website. Once you launch RedM, the downloading might take a long time but that is normal. Just wait.

2. Agree to the rules

In order to connect to our RedM Server you need to confirm that you have read and understood the rules. To do that, just head onto our Discord Server and react in #rules.

3. Connect to Northstar Roleplay

First of, Steam and Discord need to be running while you connect to the Server so open those before you launch RedM. Once you launched RedM you can either press F8 and enter connect or search for NorthstarRoleplay, once you connect to the Server, RedM will download the necessary assets. 

Once you successfully connect to the server, please head to the Beginner Guide to avoid unnecessary frustration. In case you need help, feel free to create at ticket or ask in #community-support.

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