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How to start a business

Depending on the profession you want to get into, you can either start right away or need to learn from someone who is already active in your desired profession. For occupations that do not require a specific workplace, like horse trainers as an example, you will be able to work as a freelancer and then eventually purchase your own business property.

Business loans

For pretty much any business you will be able to take a loan from the government. The average loan you will need to pay off when acquiring a business property is $5.000 within 10 weeks. In any other case the rule of thumb is to pay off $500 per week. You don't need to make weekly payments, you pay back the loan when you have the full amount within the time that was set for your loan.


Once your loan is paid off, you are free and have no taxes to pay.

Occupations You can only have one of those

Blacksmith Apprenticeship suggested

Blacksmiths spend most of their time working on supplying gunsmiths with weapon kits, crafting tools, farming, customizing blades or being out in the mines to gather materials.

Gunsmith Apprenticeship needed

Gunsmiths are the first point of contact for valuable guns, crafting and customizing them for a living, as well as mastering the art of producing especially dangerous ammunition.

Doctor mandatory training

ctors are a vital role, making sure hearts are beating and blood is where it belongs. They deal with broken bones, bullet wounds, coughs and colds, providing care for each. Steady hands and an empathetic heart will be vital tools in the Doctor’s kit.

Law enforcement mandatory training

Those dirty criminals won’t lock themselves up! Law Enforcement shows up for bank robberies, grave robbings, kidnapping, theft and murder. Both brains and brawn are needed for such a fast paced, adrenaline packed job.

Carpenter Apprenticeship suggested

For those who like working with their hands, carpentry calls. Making furniture is an art carpenters master to give people the option to furnish their homes.

Native Craftsman Apprenticeship suggested

While a gunsmith makes guns, a Native Craftsman makes and customizes bows, tomahawks, hatchets and special arrows. Every tribe is allowed one.

Shaman Apprenticeship needed

Shamans are the spiritual guidance of a tribe, they can make herbal medicine and heal their people with the old ways, passed down from the ancestors that came before. Every tribe can have one shaman.

Train Conductor Apprenticeship needed

There's no more stylish way to travel than via train. Train conductors manage and run trains, taking people all around the county.

Saloon owner

Saloons are for the social, and those who want to drown their sorrows. A lively place to work, saloon owners must manage food, drinks and patrons.

General store owner

Selling a little of everything, general stores house food, tools and everything in between. General store owners must keep the shelves stocked, and customers happy.

Horse Trainer Apprenticeship needed

Horse trainers go out into the untamed wild and gentle horses so that they may sell them on to players as a faithful companion. They also train horses to improve their performance, or shoe them with blacksmith’s iron.

When ones four-legged friend is becoming old you may be able to breed some offspring for them, as long as their horse is fertile.

Side hustles those can be done at any time

Farming & Gathering

Mining & Wood cutting

Go buy some seeds from the farmers market to plant and later harvest those cultivated crops or search off the beaten path for wild growing herbs to refine recipes or to collect ingredients for natural medicines.

Miners and lumbers spend their days collecting resources for blacksmiths, gunsmiths, carpenters and many more. It may be simple work requiring a lot of muscle, but it makes a good coin if you are willing to get your hands dirty.

Hunting & Fishing

Do you want to live as a self-provider or supply businesses with fresh meat or fish? Hunt legendary or less legendary animals in different hunting habitats and catch a fat salmon for dinner!

Wagon Deliveries

With steady hands on the reins and a swift wagon, deliveries are a reliable way of making money without too much risk of being shot by an outlaw or eaten by a grizzly, perfect for new people in county!

Ranching You cannot own a ranch and a business

You can be a rancher and have your occupation at the same time, but you cannot own the business you are working in and also be the owner of the ranch. If livestock is preferable to plants, ranching is a perfect life. Protect multiple types of cattle from wolves or the wilderness, and raise them until they’re ready for market. Take care of your cows and chickens for fresh produce. If you have the funds you can go buy your own ranch, if you don't, ranch hands are always in demand.

Trader Deliveries

For those who love the thrill of the hunt, and don’t mind defending what’s theirs with deadly force, fur trading offers a lucrative and exciting opportunity. Acquire a camp flag and get a posse together. Defend your own goods, or they will become someone else's.

Gold Panning

There’s a glint in the river, and with patience and a good pan, it could be in wallets.

Selling wild horses

While horse trainers are the only ones that can catch and gentle horses to the degree that they can be sold to other people, everyone is able to catch wild steeds and sell them to the local stable masters.

Bounty hunter

Working closely together with the law, you are the one tracking down the criminals the deputies can't get their hands on. A rough and unpredictable secretive side hustle, with no guide and books to follow.

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