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Private Houses

You will be able to own one private property, meaning when you have multiple characters you have to decide for one character to own one.


All the houses that are up for purchase are marked on your map, you are able to purchase them yourself. Remember you can only own one house throughout all your characters, if found with more than one house in your possession you will need to get rid of it without a refund.

If you do not want your house any longer but you can't find anyone to buy it from you, government will pay you 1/3 of the original price. Make a ticket before you sell your house.

If you lose your house because you forgot to pay you taxes there is no refund and no money back. In case you are away, sick, whatever and not able to put money into the tax ledger, let staff know before your house is repoed. 

You really want to make it feel like your home? Purchase interior from the Carpenter or get your property customized starting from $15.000. Our mapping team will create a unique interior for you. In case you are placing furniture you bought form the carpenter, do NOT place them less than 20 minutes before a storm, those losses will not be reimbursed.

Keep in mind that assets someone else bought for their house can only be taken over by the next owner when directly purchased from them, not from the goverment.


Taxes are paid monthly, payday is always the 15th. Make sure there is money in your tax ledger.


Businesses do not have to pay any taxes.

Taxes are collected for the following properties: Ranches, Storefronts, Camps, Private Properties

Business Improvements

Your business will start of with a storage capacity of 600 slots, you can upgrade through a ticket as follows:

• upgrade to 1200 slots for $2000
• upgrade to 2000 slots for $5000

You are also able to upgrade your shop. This is done in county and does not require you to open a ticket. Really want to take it to the next level? Our mapping team will get to work on your business property for $10.000.


You want to sell your product, but a full on business isn't for you? You can acquire a private storefront starting with 100 slots for $1.000. It is a shop unrelated to your main job and only you have access with monthly taxes of $150.


Ranching is something that can be done on the side. It is expensive and a lot of work but also does pay well. When purchasing a ranch, the base price will be set at $12.000 with a monthly tax rate of $2.500. This is for the land, if you wish to own the house on that land as well, you will pay according to the houses size.


You are able to aquire a camp flag and create a clan in order to make some decent money with pelt deliveries, it's a dirty job that involves a lot of shooting, not only animals. The tax for your clan is set at $1000. 


You can acquire a custom camp for your gang or your native tribe starting from $10.000, created for you by our mapping team. This camp will not give you the functionality of a house but you are rightfully owning the property that you paid for.

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